The One Warrior-Any Weapon Philosophy is a way of thinking and a way of living. It is a perpetual state of learning and training, so that The Warrior can use Any Weapon or implement that he or she picks up. It doesn't matter what physical weapon you have access to, the battle is won in the Mind of The Warrior.

Pistol Applications > Defensive Pistol 2 with Low Light Training

Defensive Pistol 2 with Low Light Training
This course is designed to apply your concealed defensive pistol operating skills in relevant and realistic training scenarios. It will develop the shooter's skill in confident application of presentation in varied positions, balancing speed and accuracy, ensuring decisive defensive pistol operations.

• Reviews basic and advanced pistol operation skills • Teaches advanced skills to safely and accurately engage targets from typical day to day activity starting positions. • Execution of Pistol Performance Standards –Accuracy and Speed • Stress Shooting and Competition on Steel Targets

• Demonstration of appropriate knowledge and mastery of required skills prior to start of course. (Pistol Marksmanship and Basic Holster work skills needed for this course). • Range Rules, Regulations & Waiver Of Liability Understood and Completed • Twelve Shooters Max for this course
Class Topics
  • Range Safety 
  • Advanced Marksmanship and Pistol Operation Skills
  • Initial, Tactical, and Combat magazine changes from concealment o Malfunction response
  • Working from concealed holster in adverse positions
  • Multiple shot/target engagements
  • Follow-through and Follow-up - actions after engagement
  • Scenario, Shoot/No Shoot, Steel Target and Timed/Competition-based exercises
Equipment List
• Eye and Ear protection 
• Pistol or Revolver with 250 rounds of ammunition ** 
• Concealed Carry Profile Clothing and Gear, Holster, 3 Mags w/Mag Holder, Tac Light 
 • Camelback/water, headgear, and appropriate clothing/protective gear for the environment

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