The One Warrior-Any Weapon Philosophy is a way of thinking and a way of living. It is a perpetual state of learning and training, so that The Warrior can use Any Weapon or implement that he or she picks up. It doesn't matter what physical weapon you have access to, the battle is won in the Mind of The Warrior.


Phil Waldron - Director of Operations

Phil spent twenty seven years in the Army as a combat arms and unconventional warfare specialist, and is an experienced instructor. He has had the privilege of training with some of the best of the United States Special Operations Forces, and wants to pass this crucial training on to you.

"I want anyone who carries a weapon, or who has a weapon in their home to be able to perform the skills taught in these ten courses, and execute to the standards that we strive to achieve. I want them to be able to protect themselves, but just as important to me, these same people are carrying weapons where my family and friends are shopping, eating, or traveling. I want everyone carrying a weapon to be able to accurately and safely engage a threat, and not accidentally harm innocent bystanders. These courses distill more than a quarter of a century of training into the crucial skills that build a single system that will work for the student in almost any condition that a civilian could expect to encounter. They also give the student tools to work with when "Things Go Bad", and help prepare the student mentally to operate when the threat is most likely to strike. Don't Be A Sheep!" Phil