The One Warrior-Any Weapon Philosophy is a way of thinking and a way of living. It is a perpetual state of learning and training, so that The Warrior can use Any Weapon or implement that he or she picks up. It doesn't matter what physical weapon you have access to, the battle is won in the Mind of The Warrior.

Phil-osophy Blog

Train to Your Capabilities

I hear a lot of people making comments (excuses) about why they can't train. "I can't do that anymore" or, "I wouldn't be able to do that" and "I would slow the class down". Let me first say that you have a very understanding instructor team. We all have lists of battle damage and wear and tear, so we understand the aches, pains, and limitations of what we can't do now that we could when we were younger.

Physical Limitations: We've had grandmas and grandpas, people with severe debilitating limitations make the effort to come out and train with us to improve their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones. Hands hurt with arthritis, backs hurt from injury, knees and feet are not used to standing and moving on a range, strength and stamina may be decreased with the work of many years - it doesn't matter. While we understand these limitations, we also strive to train to our personal best and want you to perform to yours. We will work to your individual skill level and within your physical capacity. I will not say that we won't push you to achieve as much as you possibly can and get just a little bit faster and a little bit more accurate. If you can't get into a good kneeling position because your knees or back are in pain, we will show you ways to compensate. If your hand strength won't allow you to perform a certain technique, we will show you ways to manage and operate your weapon to the best of your capability, while instilling the confidence you need to defend yourself at the critical moment.

Physical Conditioning: An old Army maxim says that you "always work to improve your foxhole", I think this applies to our bodies as well as our fox-holes. I think it is true that we all need to strive to be in the best shape that we can be, so exercise and training go hand in hand. Find a good physical therapist to help with that hip and back pain (I did!!). You may find that you want to get a personal trainer or a workout buddy to get into an exercise routine to help with the endurance and stamina.

Don't be a Victim: When a threat shows itself, it will do everything possible to attack when it perceives weakness - the epitome of cowardliness! It really doesn't matter to the bad guy how old or young you are, how injured or healthy you are, if you are a male or female, they just want to take advantage of you when they think that they can get away with it and not get hurt. A trained and prepared "victim" can rapidly upset the threat's perceived balance of power and turn the table so that the predator becomes the victim. Don't let your preparedness suffer! At any age and any stage in life!

So don't be concerned if the course equipment lists knee or elbow pads, or if the topics and techniques include a maneuver that you think you may not be able to handle. When you show up to train, we will adjust to your capabilities and ensure that you get the maximum out of your weapon and yourself as you train.